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About Us

Dzyn Space is an online graphic design platform for designers and non-designers alike.
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Our Mission

Simplicity & Affordability

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At Dzyn Space, we’re about keeping it simple, affordable, and community-driven. We’ve created an accessible space for non-designers and designers to connect through a shared need for creative collaboration.

Meaning: we’re not going to charge you agency rates to work with skilled designers. We’re connecting you with the talent so you can get the designs you need, done at an affordable price.

Connecting People

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We all need professional graphic design done for our business and we know the difficulty of going through too many steps to find a designer or agency to work with.

We’ve cut out the middle man and have made a space where you can create your own templates or take the shortcut and use our designer templates, created by skilled graphic designers.

Giving Back to the Community

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Dzyn Space enables you to give back and support your local school, charity, or sports club simply by using the site and creating your designs.

We’re a team of creatives ourselves, wanting to help others get their job done.

Simple as that!

Our City: Christchurch, New Zealand


Christchurch, New Zealand is our home. The city has been through massive changes over the past 10 years and now has a new vibrant, regenerated urban centre where innovation and creativity thrive.


Dzyn Space was born right here in the vibrant cityscape of Christchurch. As the state-of-the-art architecture of the city continues to grow, Christchurch City is developing into one of the most modern locations in the world.

Our Team

John Boyle

John Boyle

John, a.k.a. the “old man” of the team, has owned a commercial printing company for over 20 years and has seen firsthand the growth in digital communications.

John created Dzyn Space to offer a collaborative, affordable, accessible, and easy-to-use graphic design software that everyone can enjoy.

Dzyn Space is a free tool that non-designers and designers alike can benefit from.

Irina Alex and Johanna Ditmer

Designers and Co-Creators

Irina and Johanna are local graphic designers who shared the vision of making graphic design tools that are accessible and affordable to everyone.

They have overseen the look and layout of Dzyn Space as it has grown, and have spent many hours testing and developing new ideas to ensure that the system is easy for clients to use.

Sonia Clementino


Sonia was the first Contributor to join our team. She brings to Dzyn Space her experience in advertising and branding strategies.

Originally from Argentina, Sonia is a freelance graphic designer who has created several template designs on Dzyn Space and like all our Contributors is available for you.

Get in touch

Have any queries for us concerning our design tools and packages? Or would you simply like a little help getting started? Feel free to get in touch and contact us today with any queries you have⎯we are all happy to help.
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